Darryl Turner

Darryl Turner has spent over two decades assisting title companies and title agencies improve their sales initiatives, leadership and profitability.

With over 950 title companies behind him, Mr.Turner continues to consult, lead, assist and support companies across America and Guam.

As a business leadership coach, author, international business speaker and strategist, Darryl Turner selects only 4 title companies or agencies to join forces with offering specific sales management support, leadership, sales professional skill training and performance management processes, accountability and measurement.

A short list of organizations supported:

  • October Research

  • American Land Title Association

  • American Escrow Association


  • All National Underwriters

  • 950+ Title Agencies, Title Companies and Title Underwriters

*Exclusivity:  The Title Sales Manager restricts replicable applications within the client partner market or assigned MSA